Bellovi Language Services offers a variety of editing, translating, formatting, and interpreting services, catered to your individual needs.



Our team is comprised mostly of university teachers, all of whom have higher degrees, and most of whom are published authors. Therefore, we know what teachers and publishers are looking for, and we know how to meet deadlines.

For academics, we understand the constant pressures of academia, including the publish-or-perish philosophy of many institutions. Allow us to ease your burden!  We offer a wide variety of professional services to prepare your work for publication. If you wrote a grant application, review, article, chapter, thesis, dissertation, book chapter, or manuscript in one language but need it published in another, we can translate your work for you. We can also edit your work, making sure that it complies not only with current academic writing standards and styles but also with specific publisher guidelines. We can even format your document to make it publication ready. And for those in need of translating and editing, and possibly formatting as well, we offer package deals at reduced rates. As publishers are a fickle bunch, we can’t guarantee publication, but we can guarantee that your work will be more publishable after you have allowed us the opportunity to help you improve upon it. And, of course, your copyright and confidentiality are assured.

For students, we know what teachers require, and we can help you meet their requirements. We will not write your essay or thesis for you, but we can improve the structure and format of your work, as well as help you construct and clarify your argument. Of course, we will check your grammar and vocabulary as well. And we will make the changes using the “tracking changes” function in MS Word, so that you can see our corrections and learn from them.

Also for students, we now offer CV, resume, and cover letter editing. Send us your document, and we will make sure it is both correct and stylish. And if you need your employment document translated, we can do that for you as well.


Put your ideas on paper, let your creativity flow, and don’t sweat the little stuff. Whether you are writing fiction or non-fiction, we can help you. Our team of editors, translators, and formatters will pay attention to the details and transform your labor of love into a publishable work of art. Even Hemingway and Tolstoy benefited from editors and translators, and you will too. In fact, the biggest mistake you could make would be to send your manuscript to a publisher without having it edited first. So whether you have written a 2,000 word short story, a 200,000 word novel, or a screenplay for the next great Hollywood blockbuster, you would be wise to run it by us first before gifting it to the world. Any money you spend on editing and/or translating is money well spent. And, of course, your copyright and confidentiality are always assured with Bellovi Language Services.


Writing in your native language can be difficult enough, never mind writing in a language that is not your own.  Even the best foreign language authors need help with word order, word endings, vocabulary, grammar, etc. Our talented team is loaded with multilingual and highly-experienced translators who are ready to assist you. No document is too large or too small. So whether you have written a document in a foreign language and simply need it proofread, or you need a document translated, we have the skills and the desire to meet your needs. Let us help you succeed in this increasingly multilingual world!


If you have an official or legal document that requires translation, such as a birth, marriage, divorce, or death certificate, will, apostille, diploma, title, deed, etc., our team is there to help you. In some cases (depending on the languages involved), we can even provide you with official certification. Moreover, for genealogists and historians, we offer historical document translation services. 


The business world is dog-eat-dog, and you need to stay ahead of the pack. One way to do so is to make sure that your internal and external communications are as error free as possible. LET US HELP YOUR BUSINESS to achieve its goals by allowing our professionsals to translate, edit, and/or format your internet and intranet pages, advertisements, memos, reports, manuals, and press releases, or by allowing one of our interpreters to ensure that the verbal communications between you and your foreign business partners are clear and accurate. We can save you time, energy, and even money, all while helping you to maintain your competitive advantage. You do what you do best. What we do best is editing, translating, interpreting, and formatting. Combining our efforts will make it easier for you to achieve and even exceed your goals, thereby not only improving your bottom line but winning you accolades from customers, investors, and the public. Of course, confidentiality is always assured, and if you need us to sign a non-disclosure clause, we will.  We are also happy to negotiate an annual retainer. 


We at Bellovi Language Services have years of experience working with national, regional, and local governments, elected officials, political parties, and individual candidates. Let us help you edit or translate your slogans, platforms, press releases, public communications, or grant applications. Let us interpret your meetings with foreign dignitaries. We can help get you elected and keep you in office. We can help you clarify and disseminate your message. Spend your taxpayer money or campaign finances wisely, and help cement your political power, by surrounding yourself with a good team that includes our language specialists.